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Bluetooth Immobilizer for Vehicle Theft Protection

Safeguard and shield your vehicle from theft with the ERNEST Bluetooth Immobilizer. Once activated, it fully protects your automobile from any unauthorized drivers. ERNEST’s fail safe system requires an individual to first turn off the immobilizer via their mobile device in order to ignite the engine.

Without this safety process in place, the vehicle is rendered inoperable. The 2016 Bluetooth utilizes an agile three-level security system to ensure swift communication with your ERNEST device for absolute convenience.

The Vehicle’s Last and Current Location

Need to pinpoint the precise location of your vehicle? It’s a cinch. Simply check the location on the homepage of the ErnestApp. Or if your vehicle was moved without its engine being started, the location identification system will be active. You’ll never have to guess where your car is again.

“Guide Me To Car” Function

Whether you’re in a crowded parking lot or in an unknown area, this feature allows you to quickly identify where your car is at. The ErnestApp will then provide step-by-step instruction to seamlessly find your vehicle.

Virtual Geo Fence

Keep your vehicle within the parameter of a specified area with this feature. Set up a perimeter field that it may not cross. If for any reason the vehicle happens to cross the geo fence, you will receive an instant warning.

Technical Data on the Vehicle’s Condition

The more data you have on your vehicle, the more you can optimize its performance and extend its life. With the ErnestApp, you can monitor:

  • Distance
  • Fuel consumption
  • Average and maximum speed
  • Number of trips

Do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and stay informed with comprehensive statistics.

Reminder on the Vehicle’s Condition

Keep up-to-date on on the condition of your vehicle at all times. ERNEST reminds you when maintenance needs to be performed or when an insurance policy needs renewal.

Use and Control an Unlimited Number of Devices

Have more than one device? No problem. Regardless of the number of ERNEST devices, they can all be conveniently controlled via a single application. You can easily add additional devices to your ErnestApp profile as well.

Opportunity to Add and Authorize Access for Several Users

Effortlessly add and authorize multiple users with ERNEST. Allow or deny access to users as needed all the while maintaining complete control. The power is ultimately in the hands of the owner of the device.

Connect All ERNEST Devices With One Application

The ErnestApp places an emphasis on simplicity and convenience. Don’t worry about key bundles, security chips and consoles. Whether it’s an ERNEST device for your home or vehicle, you can sync them through just a single convenient app.