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Main functions and abilities:


One platform for tracking vehicle data on specific routes and time periods, giving coherence to the whole fleet. ERNEST AUTO GPS users will be able to trace the vehicle route, distance and speed along the whole trip. Data may be monitored in the time period selected by the user.


All of the transparent information from ErnestApp can be exported into Excel/PDF documents for quality SRS report preparation and usage outside the ErnestApp platform. Make your everyday work easier by knowing exactly how the company’s fixed assets are used. ErnestApp will collect the data for you regardless of your fleet size.

The last and the current location of the vehicle

At any time, check the location of your vehicle in the ErnestApp application or on the homepage. The vehicle location identification system will also be active if the vehicle is moved without its engine being started.


When being in a strange place or somewhere where it is difficult to find the vehicle, use the “lead me to car” function, and follow the ErnestApp instructions to find your vehicle.

GEO fence

Set a perimeter field for your vehicle, which it may not cross. If the vehicle crosses the border of the set field, you will receive a warning immediately.

Technical data on the vehicle’s condition

Use the opportunity to identify the vehicle’s technical data and statistics for a day, week or month at any time: distance, fuel consumption, average and maximum speed, number of trips.

Reminder on the condition of the vehicle

Allow ERNEST to remind you about the condition of your vehicle – when the current maintenance and MOT test needs to be done, as well as when the insurance policy needs renewing.

Use and control an unlimited number of devices

Irrespective of how many ERNEST devices have been installed for the specific vehicle, you can always control them comfortably using one application, as well as adding additional ERNEST devices to your ErnestApp profile for use.

Connect all ERNEST devices with one application

With ErnestApp, you can control and manage any ERNEST device for both home and vehicle, which you are authorised to use. Forget about key bundles, security chips and consoles.